How to slow down an animation without changing every key frame??

Hi all,

I have finished an animation with the camera flying thru a building, but ive realized its probably a bit fast, is there any way to slow it down without changing every single frame, i am rendering it at 25fps, i tried rendering it at 50 fps but it made it a bit blurry.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



In the ipo editor window, select all of the ipo curves for the camera, and scale them up a bit along the X axis. You may have to ply with it a bit in order to get it exactly the way you want.

Best of Luck!

Great, thanks OBI_Ron, appreciate it.


…or in NLA-editor box-select (B) all the “diamonds”, and scale (S).

dunno if you’ll read this but, you can use the speed control in the sequence editor to get a quite nice slow-mo effect. you just have to apply it to your strip, and change its size(of you’re animation strip, the speed control will follow).

If memory serves me correctly, there is a Speed IPO that is specifically designed to handle “speeding up and slowing down.”

You don’t want to change the frame-rate. The FPS-speed of the animation is a fixed characteristic of the display-device.

There’s a speed-IPO that controls the rate at which something follows a curve … so that something going around a steep curve slows down before doing so.

But I’m sure that there are other speed-controls over and above that. Look around. “If this is Blender, it’s got to be in there somewhere…”