How to slow down the particle simulation?

Hi, I am making a raining scene where a broken marriage ring dropping to the wet asphalt floor with shattered glasses. I have done everything to make rain(particles) to drop at slow- motion, but I can’t find them anywhere on internet. They are all about fluid simulation or cloth sim. How about particle?

(I don’t want to use external software because I don’t get to see the result until I edit it in Fusion or Nuke.)

In the Particles Physics settings reduce the Timestep value. This value can be keyframes to animate the change in speed

It didn’t work. It slows down duration of particle emitting speed, not particle’s speed it self.

Hmm…it seems to work for me. In this example the emitter cranks out some particles for a while then slows down for a while then speeds backup. It seems like both emission rate and velocity speed are slowed down when Timestep is animated.

You may be viewing old particle cache data. The simplest way to clear the cache is to change the particle count.


267_particle_bullet_time.blend (396 KB)

@Atom: If you look at your animation from the bottom, you can see that the particles are created at the same rate during slow-motion as before the slow-motion took place.

If anyone knows how to solve that, please tell! my current animation suffers from this problem a lot…

Ah, I see what you mean now. A bunch are still being generated even during the slow down.

If you venture into the particle node branch on you might be able to achieve your goal. You would be dropping back to Blender 2.62 (pre bmesh) to achieve this, however. Which is not a show stopper if all you need is just particle footage out of Blender.

Thanks for the tip! I might look into that branch to see if I can achieve the slow-motion effect. :slight_smile: