How to Slow down video and add fake Inbetween to make it smooth

Hi! I rendered the 7 second video of my model (simple animation of rotation the model around the center)… and now I whant to make the rotation more slow (to stretch the video from 7 seconds to 14 seconds for example). In Video editing if I add “speed control” I can make video slower by making animation time longer but in this way animation is not smooth anymore. So the question is how can I make some fake inbeetween frames to smooth my slowed animation? or maybe there is another way to smooth the animation I made longer?

I’m not sure this is possible with video. You’d have to render 'tweens. At best, you would end up with each new frame being a lap dissolve between two existing frames and that doesn’t sound like what you’re after.

But if you go back to your pre-rendered animation in the viewport/timeline, you can easily stretch it out, re-render, and Bob’s yer uncle:

In the timeline:

  • select all keys,
  • ‘s’ to scale to the new length,
  • re-render.
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Thanx for answer… I have video and video sequence (lot of images). I don’t whant to render from beginning wuth tweens becouse it will be too long… so I thought maybe there is the fast way blender can make the fake frames from sequence maybe…

I think you’re stuck with it. When you consider the amount of time it would take to puzzle out another way, then implement it, re-rendering will probably take far less time.

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Thanx for answer

You can use time remap and it will make all your animations longer or shorter with proper interpolation, Though you have to rerender it

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In the video editor??

No its just a render setting in dimensions apparently

Dain App… working perfectly and smooth… from 24 to 90 fps without flicker… if retimer the 90fps to 30fps you get 3x over original duraction.

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You might look at this example, I just saw this yesterday. You could use some of his tricks…

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The demos from both are impressive. Let’s see what further development brings.

The OP is asking about interpolation between already-rendered frames in the VSE, not how to change the timing pre-render.

What is OP and VSE?

OP = Operators (bpy.ops)
VSE = Video Sequence Editor

I’m not that familiar with VSE as I usually just have one anim at a time, But can’t you ( Under Strip ) use the Rebuild Proxys and Timecode, to change what you need?

I m not familiar with it too… and everything I tried makes time of the video longer but lags appers…I don’t know how to use proxys…

OP = Original Poster
VSE is what Piton812 said