How to 'slow parent' in Upbge in python?

Hi, can you suggest me a code that does the slow parent effect inside bge?
The main reason is that i need slow parenting only at one (or two) axis and the other is that i need to control the amount of slow parenting in realtime.

Thank you.

I don’t know about constrainting the slow parent at specific axis, but when two objects are parented you can change the child object’s timeOffset Python attribute to change the ammout of slow parenting in realtime.

Practical example attached.

ex_slow_parent_realtime.blend (102 KB)

Yes, this is just what i need!
For some reason though, it doesn’t work when viewing from the default camera.
It works only viewed directly from the viewport but it does the job perfectly!

  • I need this to control the amount of turning speed of a vehicle simulation controlled by xBox 360 controller. *
    Thanks again!