How to slow the speed of playback

Hello there, I have a question. I’m currently learning how to animate and need to slow the playback of my animation little bit to see where the animation needs some tweaks. But I can’t see where to set the speed of playback. Any solution?

In the Render settings near where you set the resolution of the output you should see an item for Frame Rate. Click that dropdown and select Custom. Two new options will show up below. Don’t worry about the FPS value, but go to the second, denoted by a /. This is a division sign of course. So to play at half speed you would enter 2. For quarter speed you would enter 4, etc.

Instead of changing FPS, you might get better results with ‘time remapping’ in the ‘dimensions’ category on the render tab.

From a thread on these forums, an example is:

Old = 100 and New = 200 means what would have taken 100 frames would now render out in 200 frames (half speed)

Add a million polygon cube to your scene.

Hi, I’d recommend doing an OpenGL render and playing it back frame by frame in a software like PDPlayer or PotPlayer or even the Blender VSE.


Thanks, Atom’s solution works best :stuck_out_tongue: Nah, all of your suggestions were useful and works very well. Time remapping suits my needs best, but thank you all for your answers.