How to smooth edges


I’m trying to model a 3d logo. I have a 2d picture of the logo and modeled it in blender by extruding vertices along the outline of the logo. Once I have finished this step I extruded the face to make the logo finally 3d.
Now I try to smooth the edges but I can’t find a good looking solution.

First of all this is my mesh:

Here I tried the bevel modifier. The edges look perfect for me BUT you can see these ugly edges in the curved area.

Here I tried edgesplit and it look good but here I can’t add smooth edges (like in the 2. pic)

What can I do now to make good looking round edges?

Did I ruin the mesh? How do I model things like this correctly?

Do an actual edge bevel. Select the edges you want rounded, hit Ctrl+B, and bevel away.

Alternative, you could use subdivision surfaces, but that’d require you to redo your entire model to get the proper topology.

Bevel modifier has options. By default, it bevels all edges. You can limit its influence by e.g. edge angle. Don’t expect the tools to just do what you want, they’re dumb and instead do what you tell them to do, so explore :wink:

Eh, doesn’t hurt to learn the fancier stuff though. The bevel modifier is nice and all, but sometimes, you gotta know how to make your own smoothness with real geometry.

I whipped through this in 5 minutes, so don’t judge me on the quality, but it does a decent job of showing you how to cut your geometry to work with subsurfing.

Thx for the help, this may be helpful in the future.
For now this worked fine for me: