How to smooth normals of ring selection?


how to smooth the normals of my ring selection in Blender 2.83?

When I use Face/Shade Smooth also the side normals are used for the smooth calculation. This is a bug to me.



201102_cylinder_with_groove.blend (720.2 KB)

any thoughts about adjusting normals correctly?

You must use face smoothing along with marking edges sharp.

Hi Blutag,

doesn’t work, I’ve got this:

Thank you for your time


I see. Try this:

  • in Edge Mode, Alt-LMB on each edge ring to select it and mark it as sharp as I said before.
  • In Face Mode, select all faces (A) then shade as smooth.
  • Now go to Mesh > Normals > Average > Face Area
    You can find other normal tools there too.

Here’s the result:

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Hi Blutag,

It seams even that I don’t need the third step.

Thank you very much,