How to smooth surface at bends

Hi, I’m a 1 month newbie in 3d and Blender. I created these words by importing a .SVG file (exported from Illustrator). The original svg file was some letterings formed by strokes. In blender, I used the path panel > bevel > depth to form the tube-like letterings. There are strange artifacts at the bends. The words are already in mesh. How do I clean up the vertices to get a good surface?

One way is to just make sure the cursor is outside of the cylinder as you use the spin tool.

If you however insist on having this overlap thingy, then you need to do some trickery.

Here is a workflow i found to work quite well:

Use the spin tool with only 2 steps

then with 3D cursor selected:

engage the Scale tool, then lock it to the “Shift Y axses”. or which ever axses yields the correct result for your case.

This will give you a good starting point.

I did try to play around with it to get to the next step, but its getting too late, i have to go to bed. I’ll look further into it when i get home from work tomorrow if i have the time.

Thank you so much. I will explore the spin tool! Your first image looks closer to what i need.