How to snap and align an object to the 3d cursors position and rotation?

How to snap and align an object to the 3d cursors position and rotation? I’m pretty sure I have done this before and it was straight forward. but I can’t get this to work now at all. Via the shift - S menu I can snap the poistion, but none of the commans affect the rotation.

The align tools don’t seem to want to play nice with the 3d cursor at all.

any suggestions?

A couple of things…and let me say I am NO EXPERT…but this is what I have found.

Snap is connected to the object’s origin, so if it is centered as it is when imported then it will snap there. To set snap to rotation etc… it is in the pull-down

What I have found is to go in edit mode and select the face/line/vertex on the object you wish it to snap on…then with the Rotation selected and say face snapping it will rotate the object to the orientation of the face you hover over…

as far as scale and rotation on the 3d cursor… I have no Idea…

Thanks for the info. I did learn something even if it wasn’t what I was hoping for :slight_smile: I think in many situations snapping to the face normal will probably work tho. So thanks for taking the time to answer.

See Is there a way to orient an object to 3d cursor?, this has been answered I think already.
Align tools will play well with cursor if you choose Transform Orientation as 3D cursor (cursor has to have some rotation obviously).

I can’t get the align tools to work with teh 3d cursor at all in 2.8. not sure what’s going wrong tbh.

I’m not sure as well since there ins’t any information to troubleshoot. But anyway the steps are:

(for snapping to rotation of 3d cursor)

  1. Put your cursor somewhere and give it rotation.
  2. Set Transform Orientation to 3D cursor
  3. Select the object.
  4. Execute Object > transform > Align To Transform Orientation (no shortcut by default)

(for snapping to location of 3d cursor)

  1. old Shift+S menu (Snap sub-menu in Object menu) > Selection to Cursor (if in Object mode same as one with Keep Offset)

Just another question, but did you try switching from Global to Local?

There’s also a nice Python script that can copy cursor rotation and or location to objects.