How to snap curve point to curve segment?

Hi there,

I’m wondering if it’s possible to snap a curve point to a curve segment or one of the “points” of the segment given by the resolution.

Anyone familiar with 3Ds Max and it’s splines will definitely know what I mean.

I can snap it to the curve points with vertex snapping enabled but that’s not what I need.
Converting the curve to a mesh isn’t the most helpful thing either as going back to a curve messes up all the bezier controls.

The only “solution” is to duplicate the curve, convert it to a mesh, go back to the curve that needs to snap, snap it to the mesh curve, then delete the mesh curve. It simply is quite cumbersome and not practical, and I’d like to know if what I’m looking for exists.

In edit mode, you have the Curve > Snap options. You could snap cursor to a selected spot on the curve, then select a curve point and snap it to cursor. You can also select multiple points and then Curve > Snap > Selection To Active, where active is the last selected point.

If you need something better than that, you should look into curve addons. Just to name one randomly, try Flexi Bezier Tool.

You can’t snap the cursor to a curve segment, only it’s points. So those snap options aren’t really helping.
I was tinkering with that addon last night and there’s no segment snapping :confused:

Beginning to think it’s just not possible with how curves work in blender :frowning: