How to snap two edges of two separated mesh to a certain midpoint?

Hi, I have two separate meshes where I want both edges to meet each other at a midpoint while keeping the width of each mesh at the same size, as shown below:

My attempt was to move one of the edge to overlap the midpoint (as shown in the arrow in the pic) first (using G G alt), then move the other edge (using G G alt as well) with face or edge snapping on, hoping it would snap to the other mesh’s horizontal edge or the face. Sadly this doesn’t work.

Can anyone help?


Copy the two blocks, GG the edge as desired, bool inersect them, make one block higher for that.
Than you have geometry at the the point you can snap on.

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Thanks guys, both of your solutions are helpful to me. I’ve tried the boolean intersect solution for precision, and since the block position is a bit difficult, I use the custom face orientation for the two blocks to meet the edge of the bool’d object. I didn’t know the custom orientation before and was looking for it. Also thanks for the empty object tips and for the video.


Using measure and rotation is an alternative method:

Hi, I’m actually very new to Blender 2.8. I understood how to do the first picture (creating the angle measurement), but I don’t seem to understand on how to get to the second picture or what I should look for to get the result. Can you elaborate the second picture better? Thanks.

  • select the edge were both faces meet
  • set the 3d cursor on the selected edge with “cursor to active”
  • change pivot point to “3d cursor”, so you can rotate around the shared edge
    (as seen in picture 1, the red-white circle cursor with aiming cross)
  • select the edge from the first block
  • rotate it with half of the measured angle 45°/2
  • the same for the other edge with -45°/2

And know i seen that the width of the block are changed by that :smiley:
again i only find a solution with boolean operation, sorry

But to make it clear, that are really two objects with own meshes, cant you extrude in the first place without individual faces?

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For this kind of situation I use the not well know tinycad VTX function to extend edges to their intersection :slightly_smiling_face:


tinycad FTW :smiley:


@rigoletto No problem, thanks for elaborating. Yes they are two of different meshes. Not sure if I can (or need to) just extrude.

Also thanks for showing the tinycad and the video guys, that plugin understands the problem very well. :smile: