How To Snap Vertices Between Two Different Objects?

The snapping of vertices in Blender 2.8 is not precise and it doesn’t snap correctly to a mesh. All my google search results, are of snapping inside one mesh, but i want to snap between objects.

Below you can see that I have selected a vertices and snapped it to the other vertices, but instead of positioning itself ontop of the vertex it stays below it. How do you snap in Blender?

Strangely, I don’t have a problem with snapping in Blender 2.82. Are you clicking and dragging the white circle in the middle of the gizmo to snap? Alternatively, you could press G. As long as your snapping settings are set to vertex and active, it should snap perfectly. Try checking the 3D coordinates of that vertex and the one you’re snapping to within the N panel > Item > Transform.

The only snapping problem I’m aware of has to do with extremely small or large models compared to the scene units, which results in floating point precision errors. Are your objects fairly normal size?

my object is a terrain of roughly 4x4km, so yeah it’s quite big.

After some “testing”, I found out that it wasn’t snapping properly due to me clicking and holding the blue squared and than moving the selection. When I use the arrows it snaps perfectly.

but quite annoying that it doesn’t always snap correctly when just moving your selection.