How to Snapping/Scale Objects to Grid Increments

When I scale an object it isn’t scaling (or snapping) to the grid segments but is snapping to larger distances. So for example I want to scale something up and have it snap to each grid square.

Question 1 - I want the object to snap to each grid increment
I imagine in preferences I can choose what the snapping or scaling distance is but I can’t find it. Does anyone know where this is? Also where would I find out the size of my grid pattern?

Question 2 - Constraining Scale
Also in the Blender UI you can click the “lock” by the scale settings and supposedly that should lock or (constrain) the size. But when I type in a size into the “X” value it doesn’t change the Y and Z value. Why Not? I thought it would work like in Photoshop when you select the constrain button it will constrain both X and Y values.

Also where would I find out the size of my grid pattern?

Snap to grid increment does just that, snaps in units of whatever the current grid increment is in the 3d view, set from the snapping tools on the 3dview header
In the Scene settings change to either Metric or Imperial and then the size of the current grid unit in the 3dview is show in the top left corner of the view

Transform/scale/rotate locks take effect when you transform/scale/rotate but you can overide by inputting a value directly in value area. It doesn’t lock the aspect ration it locks the current value so you can for example restrict scaling to only one axis.

Thanks Richard. Yes I use the Snap To all the time, but what is happening is that when I scale up a sphere for example it doesn’t snap to each grid square but only snaps at every 6th grid square. When scaling I would like the object to snap to every grid square, but I am unsure how to do this. I hope this makes sense.

Are you scaling in orthographic or perspective mode? If you scale from an ortho perfect view you won’t see the BU in perspective. So you potentially zoomed in 6x and now the cube is scaling 6x bigger than you thought it would.

Sorry, I don’t think I wrote that very well:o

I’ve had this problem too. Scale tools do not snap to grid increments. They snap to value increments of 0.1. So you can easily scale an object to be exactly 1.2, 1.3, 1.5 etc. times large, and when you’re working on the grid, sometimes this happens to coincide with a grid point. But you can’t easily scale an object so that a particular point is on the grid. I haven’t found a good solution to this day, except perhaps for getting out my calculator and calculating the correct scale factor manually, then just typing it out. Doesn’t always work though due to limited precision. Very annoying.

Yes, this is exactly what I was trying to say, but you said it much better. Thanks. :slight_smile: