How to solve the pass through object and im using bone dynamic pro addon

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Since you are new here, please allow me to explain a few things in order for you to get help.

Posting a single screenshot will not get you any help. Provide some details, like what you are trying to do. Describe what you are trying to do so other users will know and offer to help.


Thank you very much for your advice revolt_randy

My goal is to make cloth simulation using bone dynamic pro addon

For that I take the plane and subdivide it. And I parented with bone(Automatic weight).

So,when we move the bone plane act as a cloth
Untitled video - Made with Clipchamp

but ,when I put sphere as collision object near to the plain and move the bones it makes clipping or poking the plain like in the gif

Is there solution for not interfering or clipping the collision?

I have no experience with the addon you are using, so my advice may be wrong, but I have a couple of ideas…

First, is there some way to control the stiffness of the bone chain? Because it appears too stiff at the bottom of the chain. Any rebound settings that might control the snap-back of the bones?

Maybe try more bones, subdivide the 4 bones into 8 bones and see if that helps.

Another thing you could try is using a bigger collision object that is set to not render.

Like I said, I know nothing of the addon, but maybe there’s a problem with that.

Can you keyframe the bones with this addon? Maybe you need to manually adjust some of the bones to fix this.

Just some random thoughts,