How to space verticles evenly in low poly art

In this image Im trying to make each pyramid connected and spaced out evenly

Is there a way to do the following things?

  1. Add each verticle alligned to the one before on either the x, y ,z level?

  2. Computerized way to make each tri equal?

  1. your photo is upside down
  2. right to Objectmode: “View-> Viewport Render Image” gives bestter results
  3. Why didn’t you model it that way with grid snap (even now possible)?
  4. LoopTools (Addon) Space or Gstretch.

Im a bit confused by the way your numberd your awnsers since that they dont follow the same order as mine. Im very new at this I appreciate you trying to help. but I dont know what most of those actions do or how they help my specific problem. For the photo it was the way my phone embedded it. Ill see if i can try to fix it

On the off chance you still need help with this, enable the LoopTools addon in Edit > Preferences > Add-Ons (it’s built-in to Blender, and popular enough you may already have it enabled if you do a lot of modeling), then select the vertices you want evenly spaced, left-click to get the menu of options and go to LoopTools > Space. Gstretch is another looptools option (not sure what it does, but maybe it would work too)

You probably know how to enable addons, but for the sake of a full and complete answer:

thank you! That helped alot I was still pretty stumped about this