How to specify multiple parameters for an operator ?


another easy one I guess… I want to say that “bevel” will be done with two segments and “vertex only” checked.
So far I have this :

pie.operator("mesh.bevel", text="Bevel").segments=2

Where am I supposed to add vertex_only=True ? Nothing I tried worked.


it might seem a little weird, but this is how that’s done.

op1 = pie.operator(("mesh.bevel", text="Bevel")
op1.segments = 2
op1.vertex_only = True

Many thanks zeffii ! It works !
Going through your blog now… all hard to understand for a newbie but it can’t hurt.


Excellent, glad to help

Keep reading the sources contained in the addons folder, you’ll learn a lot by reading code that works and ships with blender.