How to specify vertex, edge, or face selection mode in 2.5?

I remember that it was possible in previous versions to do this, but I cannot find anything in the 2.5 API.
I have a script that needs to detect whether mesh_edit mode is active, and I can do that, but there seems to be no way to detect (or set!) whether the user is in vertex-select, edge-select, or face-select mode.

It’s on the header of the 3D view.
Also, Ctrl+Tab. It would be better if ctrl+Tab would toggle through them instead of giving you a menu, but oh well, it is how it is…
Works only in Edit mode.

Umm, yeah, using python…


gives you an array where you can tell which mode == ‘True’.

Many thanks, Uncle Entity! I can’t wait to get home and try this ( crosses fingers, hoping this property is not read-only…)

Hello All.

What I’ve done is to map Alt+1, Alt+2 and Alt+3 to each of the selection modes. It took a little poking around.

Under User Preferences > Input > 3DView > Mesh I added a new keyboard assignment named: wm.context_set_value with Context Attributes: tool_settings.mesh_select_mode and Value: (True, False, False)

Works like a charm.

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Edit to add: It just occurred to me that my post completely missed the subject on the account of this being the Python and Plug-ins forum. Apologies.

>>> bpy.context.tool_settings.mesh_select_mode=[True,False,False] #vertexmode
>>> bpy.context.tool_settings.mesh_select_mode=[False,False,True] #facemode
the third possibility you can guess, can’t you?

Works nicely!