How to spherize a plane?

I have a plane with a texture of the world, I need to spherize it, to made a Earth. How I do that in a simply way in Blender?

Add a UV-Sphere and Add the Material of the Plane to the Sphere instead of adding a new one. Then map it to “Sphere” in F5 in the MapInput tab.


I’m not a texture person, so I don’t know how to make a plane smoothly make a sphere. But, I would try to use Absolute Vertex Keys (AVK) and the ‘to sphere’ button in Edit Mode. Make sure your 3d cursor is in the middle of where the center of the Earth should be.

Look at this page for specifics:

Your idea sounds interesting! 8)

Check the python forum for a script to convert a plane to a sphere or torus, I know there is one, but I don’t know how wrote it. :slight_smile: