How to split edge, but not in the middle


When I want to cut an edge, I select the edge, press “w”, an choose Subdivide option. And the edge is cut across in the middle. But how I can cut it in any other place? Fe. in 1/3? Or exactly in 17%?

One way is to switch to vertex mode, select that new vertex, then Shift + V to Vertex slide.
You can then look at the lower left of the pane to see the position. You would have to figure out mathematically what that position would be then you could just type say .33 or -.33 or whatever to get that exact location.

You can always use the knife tool. Maybe not too handy while trying to cut a face in a mathematically correct ratio.

Not very useful. I think, there should be capability to numerical input of place of subdivision.

Well, it’s not a CAD program but a 3D program.
Probably what is trying to be done could be done a different way without the need for this.

It’s easy to subdivide and then reposition the vertex with the edge length display turned on if you want precision. As FJ said it’s not a CAD program but even CAD programs would do it in essentially this way, perhaps in reverse order, but the same steps.

hello, I noticed when use Slide there is very, very nice ghost of early vertex place, Is it possible to see ghosts of verticles, edges, faces, objects, when normally move verticles, edges, planes or objects. Also on rotate and scale. Is any addon for this? Thanks

another way would be to subdivide in 2
then move middle vert close to one of the end of edge
then use the slide vert and set value in tool panel

or use one of cad addon I think there is something like that in one of them!

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Don’t use subdivide, add a loop cut instead (CTRL +R).

Sorry wrong tool. I was thinking of subdividing a face not an edge. Why can’t you just use Grab?

before I discovered Slide feature, I use Grab. With subdivide add vertex. Now I change Transform Orientation to Normal and can “slide” holding arrow parallel to edge. It was not work everytime so with subdivide I add two verticles. Select new verticles and scale to bring them closer.

I am missing completely the point of your post unless it was to advertise for

Please don’t take it personally, and if any moderator thinks this is too confrontational a comment for this forum I would be happy for it to be removed.

DruBan, hmm… for a moment forget about Slide (Shift+V) feature. Now tell me how is your way to slide vertex equally along the edge? Explain in attachement, if you do not know what I mean. Of course remove if still you think it has no relation with the subject. edit: As I wrote sometimes Normal Transform Orientation “not work” on only one vertex (not display manipulator for grab/move vertex along edge), that why need to add two verticles, and select both…


how do us set it at a specific value on edge ?

at least with slide you can !

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If subdivide your edge, you have new vertex in middle. When start Slide SHIFT+V you will see distance -1 and 1 to “parent” verticles. With ruler measure lenght of edge on which you want to set vertex on specyfic value. E.g. lenght is 3.9115765 - this is 100%; and 1 is x%; calculate percentage x=1×100÷3.9115765; x=25.565139784, in math use 0.2557 Now if you want to put vertex on position eg 1.5 just select your new created vertex, press SHIFT+V for start slide and start typing 1.5*/0.2557 for place directly on position 1.5 Hope my answer also have relation with subject.

Why! Why!
Why!! Why!! Why!!

just for know another way to do the same, even if it is little slower or worse way

by the way you can also use the G key and set a value !

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So you are planning to help people by offering them slower and worse ways to do things. I’m sure they will be grateful, just what they’re looing for of course.
Well, that’s good to know.