How to split mesh based on vertex count?

Hi, I’m using Blender to make a race track for a simulator. The simulator’s import utility requires that each object in the scene has less than 65000 vertex count. The landscape mesh I have has over 50 times that number, and currently I’m wasting a lot of time manually “b” selecting and “p” to separate little bits of the mesh so I could export.

Is there a way to automate this mesh splitting process? Ideally by vertex count, or at least by a grid style?

Thanks in advance!

I hate to say this, but I don’t believe that you can do this.

With one vertex selected Ctrl-click somewhere will select shortest path between these verts. If some area’s outline is selected in such a way menu Select - Loop Inner-Region will select all what’s inside. P separate, hide and repeat.
This should work on all topology, terrain included.
Border select faces in wireframe mode also might help. Selected vertex count is seen on header.
I don’t think there is automation for selecting certain vertex amount.

In face select mode select one face or a row of faces on the edge and keep hitting + (for select more), watching the header for how many vertices are currently selected. When you reach the right count P for separate.

In vertex select mode click on a vertex (estimate position) and do ‘side of activ’ see how many verts are selected in the header and then + or - to get the count right. To be safe though switch to face mode before separating to avoid dangly bits.