How to split objects with a plane?

Ive done it before in other 3D programs, figure there was something similar with this also. I have an object that I want to split into 2 pieces. Can I create a plane, and just slice it in half with it? If not quite in that way, whats the best way to do it?

Duplicate object, make object1 boolean difference with plane and object2 boolean intersect with plane.

you could also use the bisect tool!
but make a copy of you original model !

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You can also use ‘knife project’.

box select all the vert up to where you want the split. press Y.
alt select the edgeloop you want the model to split at, then press V.

these two methods only work if you are wanting to split your model along an existing edgeloop. it you want to actually cut the mesh at an arbitrary angle, then mesh Bisect is the tool to use ( as stated by RickyBlender)

Select a loop that goes across and press V. Also P, and loose parts only if you want separate objects. This is the only method that will keep your geometry pure, but of course it has to have such a loop in the first place.

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