How to split one object into many small pieces?

Hello, I’m wondering how to take an already created object and split the entire thing into about 100 small squares. I’ve seen a lot of splitting in half but I’m looking for a way to mass split a whole object into many smaller pieces. Is this possible?

Hi, you can split your mesh into cube-like parts using the following technique:

  1. Here is your mesh:
  2. Add a small cube:
  3. Add Array modifier to it 3 times with offsets
  • 1.001, 0, 0
  • 0, 1.001, 0
  • 0, 0, 1.001
  1. Now you have 3d cube array:

  2. Put your mesh inside:

  3. Apply Boolean modifier to your mesh (Intersect, Object=your 3d grid):

  4. Select your mesh, go to edit mode, select all, press P&separate by loose parts:

  5. Go to object mode:

  6. select all pieces, click Object, set origin, set origin to geometry:

  7. You can move pieces freely now:


Another options:

  1. Explode modifier
  2. Cell Fracture addon

Thanks! This was more detailed than I was expecting to get. Worked like a charm.