how to split one object into two?

how would I go about splitting one object into two?

here’s my situation if it helps you understand what I mean:

I have created a raised walkway over a few arches, on one end of the walkway I want to have a set of stairs leading up to the top, so I have taken the end edge of the walkway, extruded it and deleted the edges created that are attaching it to the rest of the walkway so that I get the exact correct width for my stairs, I then built a simple step with this edge and I now want to seperate this step from the rest of the walkway so that I can duplicate and reposition it many times to create the stairs I want.

Select the vertices you wanted detached, press the P-KEY

This will make a separate object.

In Blender Lingo, splitting is different, the Y-KEY, it detaches the vertices, but still remains part of the object.

thankyou :slight_smile: