How to split Render job across GPUs of many PCs in a node?

(cekuhnen) #1

Does somebody have experience with setting up Blender to Render one file across Amy GapUs on different PCs in a network node?

we are exploring how to set up Render abilities on the network grid of wayne state university

(SterlingRoth) #2

If you are talking about rendering an animation, the easiest way is to enable the ‘placeholders’ and disable the ‘overwrite’ option in the output pane.

With overwrite disabled, blender will recognize the existence of the file it is trying to render and skip it to move on to the next frame. The placeholders option writes a temporary file for the frame currently being worked on.

With those settings in place, and the file set to write to a shared network location, render nodes will start rendering the lowest available frame, skipping everything else which is done or is actively being worked on.

I haven’t tried this on a large scale, but with 3 or 4 render nodes, on a local network it works pretty well. I have tried to use the same technique using google drive, but the latency in writing the placeholders and reading them on other nodes leads to duplicated frames.

For rendering stills, that gets a bit more complicated. You need to split up the frame into tiles and render those separately, then join them back together. I’ve seen some Add-ons that streamline this a bit, but it’s still a little awkward.

(cekuhnen) #3

Yeah this would be mainly just single single image