how to split the interface

How do you predictably split the interface?

Say the interface is split vertically in two and I click the center line to split area: how can I control which side the split will occur? How do I control wether or not its a horizontal or vertical split?


ok, to start you have a normal default layout. if your mouse is in top notice the tool bar is slightly lighter. if you then right click on the middle it would split that window, same for bottom. If the line you right click on is a horizontal line it will split verticly if it is a verticle line it will split horizontaly.

To join areas select join, only one problem if the right half is split and left isn’t you then have to make border on each side egual by joining area on right or spliting area on left first.

Hope this helps!

Yes that helps.

Now I feel a bit silly that I was confused! :expressionless: