How to "squash" with rigging?

Hey, I’m having a problem with a character rig I am making. I demonstrated the problem with this sphere.

I want the bone to kind of squish the ball, but instead it just moves the painted part downward, and the rest doesn’t move.

Sorry if i am not explaining this very well. This is what I want to happen:

What should I do to fix this?

What you really want to do is scale the ball, so you need to scale the bone, and it should have 100% weight because you’re scaling the whole ball. Here I’ve added a stretch-to constraint so you can control the scaling by moving the control bone instead of scaling, but ultimately it’s still a scaling operation.

I would also recommend a maintain volume constraint on the bone as well for a more realistic squash.


squash-ball.blend (634.8 KB)


Thank you!