How to Start a movie-textured plane at a specific time.

I have a series of objects, UV textured, each with a unique movie.

Currently, all the textured movies start at frame 0. This is not what I’d like. Rather…

I wish to have each plane, (and its textured movie) to start at various times through an animation of approximately 4000 frames.

I’d like to not only animate the plane to move across the frame, I don’t want its movie to play until only after it reaches the desired ‘start’ frame on my time line.

How is this done in Blender?

Kind regards

Don`t know if you are in blender internal or cycles but both have the option to set the start frame depending on time to start a movie or image sequence. Best way in my opinion is to work with image sequences. If you are in cycles make sure that auto refresh is enabled.