How to start a particle's animation when it's in a certain location with animation nodes?


That title is quite the mouthful, so I’ll try to explain my issue as best I can, which I had for like 5 days now and simply can’t find any solution to.


I have a plain that is subdivided a bunch of times, and is being warped from point A to B (not really important where, just from one place to another) with a warp modifier. I have a hair type particle applied to this plane, and the particle itself is an instanced object that is rigged with an armature, and is animated from frame 1-80 on the timeline.


The problem is that on the plane, all the particles animate at the exact same time from frame 1-80, which is not what I want.

Desired result:

What I actually want to happen is that the particles should animate when they’ve been warped to point B. This of course means that when it’s warped, the particle is in a different xyz coordinate, which I’ve read can be used to trigger that animation using animation nodes. (specifically I’ve read it here, which I’m not exactly sure is still useful info considering that thread is over 8 years old)

Now I’m completely new to animation nodes, I just installed the addon, and watched some pretty basic tutorials on it. So I have absolutely no idea how to accomplish this task. But if you can help with this, or have any other idea on how to achieve this result with other methods, I’d be very grateful!


I think we should use the node time delay.

Hi! Thanks for the tip! As I said tho, I’m completely new to animation nodes, so I’m not sure how I could use that 1 node.


above, the desired animation will start at frame 30.

So, how will this node tree know what animation to start? It doesn’t have the object input node in it. But more importantly, it doesn’t seem to be doing what I actually need. I’m not trying to delay the animation, I’m trying to make the animation start when the particle is at certain location. For example’s sake, let’s say when the Y coordinate is 0<=, then start the animation.