How to start a simple character

Whenever you start modeling for a character you wanted to do the first steps is with a torso correct?

What tools do I need to use to make the arms extending? (Also to duplicate another one for the other side when you start with the first side)

And that same goes for the legs too

When I do a character I do the head first then work downward.

In modeling you primarily use the Extrude (‘e’ in edit mode).To duplicate use Shift+D.

I believe in order to duplicate the same object you have to either scale or rotate in order for it to work?

Cause I looked it up on YouTube and that’s how they showed it to get it

You don’t have to scale or rotate an object to be able to duplicate it. After you’ve duplicated an object with Shift+D, then you are free to move it anywhere you want, scale, or rotate it.

Okies got it! Now comes the next question:

Any way you can select the other extra objects to grab it in order to move it anywhere you want?

Use Box select: ‘b’ then click your mouse and drag, selecting the vertices you want.

Okies I ended up selecting two of the objects instead of one