How to start and stop the camera tracking an object

Hi all,

I have the camera tracking an object at the start of my animation but then want it to stop about half way through, but i cant set any key frames for this or anything, do i just have to render the scenes these separately and put them together after?

Any help would be greatly appreciated


If you are using a Track To constraint to keep the camera on target, then keyframe the Constraint’s Influence property. When the Influence is at zero the camera is fully free to point elsewhere. Change in Influence can be gradual or abrupt depending on the shape of the IPO curve and what you need for your animation.

If you are tracking to an Empty that is linked to the target object in a parent/child relationship, then you may want to use a Constraint for that instead, so you can keyframe the influence of that Constraint.

Great, thanks for help chipmasque, really appreciate it.