How to start / end smoke simulation at different frames?

I am trying to start a smoke simulation on different frame than 1st. How do I change the simulation start frame?

Also after 60th frame the simulation freezes - smoke freezes in place despite of animation continuing and objects moving around - it works well up until 60th frame witch leads me to think that somewhere there is setting that says that 60th frame is the end of sim.

So how do I change the start and end frames of simulation?

In the Physics Properties you have an Frame Start and End in the Cache.

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Thanks, don’t know how I missed that

Wait. It does start and end in these frames now but It’s visable before and after these frames as frozen frame from begining and end of sim respectively. How do I hide it before sim and let it disolve after it?

You can try animating the domain to be on and off of your smoke object really quickly. It simulated turning on and off the smoke.

Or you can animate the smoke object in and out of the domain really quickly.

something like this.

Great, I moved the domain object and it fixed it. It works for begining because it doesn’t show smoke anymore but in the end of the sim I want the smoke not to suddenly dissapear but to slowly fade away. If I move the domain away it just straight up dissapears.

Maybe I can somehow make the emission of the smoke stop at certain keyframe?
And if so then how can apply this setting to a group of ~100 emitters?