How to start freelancing? Need advice

Well, I think I’m ready for freelance. But there’s so many sites about it, which one is
the best for newbie? Also, how to find first jobs, I mean I have no rating.
And what’s the main advices you can give to newbie?

maybe don’t start with those freelance sites but try to find local businesses that need 3d-visualizations?

I’m not sure if this is helpful, but Freelancing doesn’t just mean getting hired to visualize someone’s product or service. One way forward is to create a work of art. It could be animation, or a graphic novel, or a multimedia package. The only thing you need is a vision, Today it is easier to reach a wide audience with inexpensive marketing. That is also freelancing.

My advice is that you provide way more info. You didn’t provide enough info to even be considered vague. You provided nothing other than the fact you want to freelance, and you are a newbie. What is your background? Did you just get a degree, or are you self-taught? What are your strengths? What types of industries do you want to work in? What country are you in?..

Don’t skip the management stuff, even though it’s boring. Track all movement of money in and out. Find out what taxes you need to pay attention to, especially if clients are in different countries. Keep personal and business money and assets separate, and incorporate if possible (this will help protect your personal assets if things don’t work out).