How to start modelling....

I began to use BLENDER a few days before X-MAS…
Until now I have read a few tutorials and How tos…
But there is one question left…
How do I have to start modelling?
Is it easier to start with meshes and transform them or is it easier to start with poly by poly?
I saw a really great christmas-card made with BLENDER and I found that it was extremely well done… How do I start with such a landscape?

I hope you can help me and I hope you can understand my miserable English, because I am a 16 years young guy from germany who isn’t able to speak and write English like native speakers :wink:


There’s no best method.
For instance I use the poly modeling for the head, and box modeling for the rest of the body.
Someone else will use box modeling for the whole model and someone the poly modeling.

Try to learn every method you will find and choose the one you feel will fit for model you plan to do.

Try to finish every tutorial you will meet, even thjose silly. This way everything will be a lot easier.

Good luck and happy new year.