How to start the particle emitter before frame 1

I have searched the forums and couldn’t find a post that answers my question.
In the older versions of blender you could start the particles at 0, or even a - frame. So you could have the particle already in the camera view when the animation starts, such as a fire burning or bubbles in water.
In 2.46 I can’t seem to find a way to do this.
Can anyone help me on this?

I think unborn does that

Particles don’t move until they’re born. That’s not it.
I think there’s really no way, you have to move the whole animation forward.

Wait, there is one. Download the source and…

in the file buttons_object.c on line 4823, change number 1.0 to a negative value that fits your needs.

OK, I know (I hope :wink: ) you don’t feel like editing the code. But the devs could really fix this. Having to move everything around on the timeline is quite annoying, even when I render only stills.

I had sort of problem of this kind. What i did was: select all (but REALLY ALL) in the NLA window and move it all forwards or backwards.
I’m sad ihaven’t found any timeline control (0-1 sliders or something) for having emiters to be synched as wished (starting, posing, restartng, stoping, etc) a little in the way one can control blendshapes…

I’m using 2.47 and since 2.46 was released ,i had to start learning what i had known before from scratch.Starting the fire animation from minus frames is a must if we don’t intend to light a new fire in our scene.I guess the devs’d taken our toy and gave a broken one in return.One version has past after 2.46 and it was supposed to be better,wasn’t it?

it seems like 2.47 version of Blender is a beta release, has a lot of bugs;
guys u should have wait a bit before releasing it!!!