How to start with a straight Bezier curve?


I have a problem with Bezier curve: When one adds a new Bezier curve, it is initially way curved. What are the first steps to take if I want to start with a straight linear Bezier curve? How to straighten it the easiest way?

couldn’t you just scale it to zero along the Z axis?

Actually, if you add a curve it will default position to where you need to scale on Y axis to 0, but TobiasDN is correct. And I would add that you need to be in edit mode to do this, scaling on object mode will just make the curve smaller.

And depending on what you want to do with it, you might look at changing it from bezier to poly in the edit buttons - this will make it as straight sections between verts similar to mesh, but ti will still be a curve that you can change back to bezier. I found out about that when following the old 3d logo tutorial with bezier curves :slight_smile:

Add your curve, then before doing anything else hit the Vkey.

+1 for pixelmass.

Vkey will make the handles vector, i.e. completely free of moving independantly. Usefull for sharp corners.

You could also use the Shift-H shortcut which will make the handles automatically tangent to the curve but which will also line them up first. Usefull for smooth transitions.

The choice depends on what you are doing.


Hereis a nice little tutorial to help you remember. I can’t get the .blend to run on 2.47

Boy, this is so old…
I can open it in blenderpublisher (version2.25 of Blender). Tried in a ‘younger’ version, 2.34, with the hope that I could then save it to something more palatable for Blender 2.47, to no avail.
If I remember well I wrote this before Blender went Open Source.

OK, I’ll find 15 minutes tomorrow and upload something more modern.


Heh ! :smiley:


SnifiX, here is a simple trick:

  1. Create your Bezier curve
  2. In edit mode, delete the non-aligned vertex.
  3. Select the other vertex and extrude it along the axis to which it is alined.

Hope it helped
/ Mats

It took me a bit more time as I’ve had to remember my username and password of 2002-2003… but the page is now updated with a new image and a file made in version 2.47.
Have fun :slight_smile:

Seems like it is time for a new primitive. I wish the default curve had 3 points, I am constantly adding a new curve, putting it in edit mode, setting the end point and then control clicking to get a third point.

Why not just have a straight line primitive? A two point curve with vector handles.

Hmm interensting that no one mentioned this, anyway. The control point that is rotated, is rotated exactly 45 degrees (ccw) so just select the point and rotate it 45 degrees. That’s what I usually do.