How to stop a character from sliding around?

Im making an FPS. I have the basic controls all working, however the character slides on the ground a bit as though the floor was made of ice. How do I fix this issue?

This topic has been addressed several times in the forum already, but… I like to use the object’s localLinearVelocity attribute. Raco, another member, posted a very simple .blend that shows this off. No sliding. I’ll repost his .blend file for you to look at. With some tweaking, you could make it so that the character could do strafing movement as well… Another great example uses a servo motion actuator. Take a look at the tutorial at

A simple but sometimes irritating fix is to have an inverted keyboard sensor that has all keys checked connected to a motion actuator, with the motion type as servo motion and all values default except the ‘Z’ tickbox. This means when there are no keys being pressed, the character stops on the x and y axis. This can be awkward to use if it’s a big project, though.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: