how to stop a cycle into the ipo curve?

hi! heum i am a newbie with blender… i use the ipo curve for one of my animation and i set the extend mode to cyclic and i want to stop the cycle at the frame 150. how do i do??
please help me!

you copy the animation you have repeating until frame 150

select the handles, shift+d to copy them, move then mmb to constrain their [the copies] motion [they enter grab mode] to the axis you moved the most on. you probably want to make that the x [horizontal] axis

thank you! i was using that method but i have a lot of bone so its long… do you know an other method??

have you looked at the action window?

if I were trying to do that I would probably

copy, then move

select both the original and the copy

copy and move

select both what I just had, and this copy

copy and move…

you’d get pretty far pretty fast

now that I think about it you could probably have a time ipo curve which keeps looping that animation then continues at 150 frames, but you have the similar problem creating this curve

Or better, add the action block to the NLA and crank up the Repeat parameter.


but how can i add the action block to the NLA? :expressionless: