How to stop a LinV Object?

I have an Object, moving with LinearVelocity. (From an AddObject Actuator) The Object is not an Actor and has no Dynamics, just LinV.
I found no Way to stop it. A LinV Zero Motion Actuator does not work. Also setting the Actuator wit Python to Zero. Setting the negate LinV Values to the Actuator makes the Object move into the opposite Direction. ???
The only Way i found is, to set the LinV’s of an Motion Actuator to the smallest possible Value. (With Python are smaller Values possible than direct writing into the Actuator) This tiny Values are a near Stop, but i want a real Stop.
Can anybody help?
Thanks, Doc

obj.suspendDynamics() ?

it is weird that a false pulse on a motion actuator doesn’t stop linv [though, it makes some sense if it wasn’t caused by that actuator]

can you do a linv true pulse one frame, and false the next?

No, obj.suspendDynamics() does not work, because the Object does not have Dynamics. I’ve tried it.
I’ve also tried Your Idea with a False Pulse to the Actuator. But Nope! It also won’t work if it caused by the Actuator. False Puls on the next Frame won’t work, too. :frowning:

But i found an other Way. A second Motion Actuator with LinV-Add enabled did the Trick. In this Actuator, i can write the negated current LinV Value to stop the Object. But this Way is a little dirty, not? To bad that i can’t enable this Add-Button with Python. So i would need only one Actuator.

Hmm … small Vaue or adding negateed Value. I’ll see what’s the best Choice.
Thanks for helping.


Oh, if someone is interested: The smallest Value for LinV i found is 1e-005. (Only usable with Python.)

Edit …
Damned! I found out, that the second Trick will not work with an addet Object from an AddObject Actuator! :frowning: It seems there is a Bug with the Motion Actuators LinV/Add and such Objects.