How to stop Blender 2.8 from smoothing movement between keyframes

Hi guys, quick question

I have a simple camera movement in my scene. From left to right.
When I render it, the camera accelerates at the start, en decreases speed at the end.

So there like a bezier between the keyframes to smoothout the movement and create a ease in en out effect.

I dont want this. I want linear movement across the animation. So I selected the keyframes, pressed T and selected ‘constant’. And I put ‘auto handle smoothing’ to none for all the curves of the camera.

But this is not changing anything for me. It still eases in and out.

Im probably missing something here… Im running 2.8 march build.

can anybody tell me what im missing?

And as a follow up question…

what is the best way to turn a curve, that has bezier interpolarisation between all its keyframe… into a linear interpolarisation between all its keyframes. All at once?
Cause I can change it for just one keyframe in the graph editor…not all keyframes at once

Same goes for the other way around…turning all keyframes into bezier from linear? (ease in or something)…

Thank you for your reply…

I think this works now… and if want to revert all keyframe back to bezier? I tried this…but sometimes it just changes the first keyframe instead of all of them…

And do you know how I can select all the keyframes of just one curve…not all of them? Do I need to lock the others?

Locking them does seem to work, but I’ve almost exhausted my knowledge of the Graph Editor :stuck_out_tongue: Hopefully someone with bit more experience could chime in.