How to stop Blender taking over the entire screen?!

I managed to solve my previous problem (thanks!) by upgrading Linux and therefore Blender to 2.42a.

Only problem is, now when I load Blender, it takes over the entire screen, so I can’t access other programs. Is there some way of minimizing it?
On the previous version of blender I used, the system tray was still visible so you could simply click on the tabs to go to firefox or whichever prog you wanted. It baffles me why Blender does not follow the standard gui design in this respect.

thanks in advance,

there should be three window controls in the window frame to minimize, de-full-screen, and terminate the application. In windoze these three are in the upper right hand corner. clicking the middle one turns the window from full screen to sizeable. In sizeable mode, you can grab the sides/corners to resize.

think i’ve solved this using the -w switch when opening in the terminal.
Still it puzzles me why a supposedly ‘improved’ version of Blender should have had this problem that an earlier one didn’t, and why the strange interface?
If anyone has an explanation, i’d be interested to know.

If anyone has an explanation, i’d be interested to know.

Honestly? I think getting the maximum screen real estate for Blender is an improvement.

If you’ve got more than one desktop (I’m speaking KDE/Gentoo here) then Ctrl+TAB will switch to another desktop, with either access to the menu, or other programs already running. Also Alt+F2 will bring up the command panel, along with the main and aux panel with the menus and access to other programs as well.

PapaSmurf, the three window controls aren’t there in the Linux version on my machine (2.43 linux2 dynamic.)

I see your point. It’s just for a newbie, it’s incredibly confusing and inconvenient. But not a problem at all for me now that I’ve worked it out!

Incidentally, I like your nudes, very impressive.

Thanks. If you like flamingos, too, you could go vote for me over in the weekday contest thread. Newbies, Blender, confusion and inconvenience sort of go together by design. The design philosophy behind Blender is to make life easy convenient and simple for the professional, not the beginner. The devs take that philosophy very seriously. The unofficial reason BlenderArtists started up is the developers tossed them off the dev boards because they were always whining and complaining about the inconvenience and the complexity of the interface. That’s the simplified unofficial version, of course. I’d guess one third to one half of the support work we do here is help newbies over the hump in the Blender learning curve. Once on the other side, though, Blender lives up to its gloss.

I don’t know what version of Linux you are running but you might find it useful to edit the command for your quick launch icon
(if you have a quick launch icon - right click>properties and there should be a command input line)

you make even want 2 icons
one with “blender -w” (windowed)
and one with “blender -W” (fullscreen)

I have 17, that way my mouse is never too far away from opening blender :wink:

waylow- I have just done that. I’m new to linux too. (ubuntu edgy elk) Brilliant, great tip!

Just as an aside, I can’t help thinking that even the biggest experts must get confused by the constant stream of new versions and the resultant changes that Blender seems to go through. I’m going through the wikibook at the moment, and I keep on coming up against things which work in one version but not in another.

I’m sure these guys know what they’re doing though!