How to stop BlenderKit from wasting so much space?

First it downloads the file to C:/users/profile/blenderkit_data/

then it copies the file to C:/my-blender-work/a-project-folder/assets/

THEN it PACKS the data into my scene file on top of that!

So now I’ve got a 77 meg file in 2 places and my .blend scene file is over 77 megs!

Why is it like this? How can I turn it off?

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Hello, you can let BlenderKit only to store assets in the global folder. Also, in Blender 2.92 there is a resolutions feature - which reduces file size if you don’t need the highest resolution textures.

Hi @vduha. Are you affiliated with the Blender Kit project?

Affiliated? He’s one of the reasons we have BlenderKit in the first place… =)

I wanted to make sure before I sent my long list of complaints and feature requests to the wrong person.

Haha, you can send it right now (find email on our contact page, because there’s simply not enough time to visit BA anymore)
Yes I’m the person who started it. We are doing our best, but we are aware there’s a huge space for complaints, so keep them coming, we collect them. It’s probable it will take us time to solve these since there’s a very small team behind BlenderKit, but we actually make stats of the most urgent requests and try to address those first.

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