how to stop the smoke emitter from emitting?

how is it done?
i cant seem to find the setting for the emmission start and end times. i need my smoke to start then after a couple of seconds be cut off from its source so i am left with just the previously emmited smoke drifting until it dissolves according to its dissolve setting:spin:

i am using the new mesh smoke in 2.65. do i need to go back to particle smoke?

oh, i know the answer to this one! you just keyframe the domain to move away from the emmiter and the flow ceases, key frame it back again if you want the smoke to start again.

You know I was playing with this the other day because I need a “puff of steam” in an animation I am doing. for lack of a “switch”, I converted to particle settings and did it that way.

I use this method to make object appear and disappear in animations all the time, but I never thought of applying it to the smoke simulator. I would like to see a setting I could change, but this works in place of an actual key framed setting.

Good job!

It’s not super obvious, but you can keyframe the “density” value on the emitter, which should do the trick.