How to stop tracking as soon as..

hi ,
i was trying to set up a scene that my character follows a flaag and it stops as soon as it hits the flag…its actually working well but when the monster enemy drags my character backwards while its attackin the character it starts tracking the flag again…i wanted the character move to the flag only when i click on a location,can anyone help me out with that?
and i also want to deactivate the flag tracking when i click to attack the enemy monster is that possible?
any help here is greatly appreciated!

Without a more detailed explanation, I can’t help you. I can advise using states to switch between flag following or not, though I would recommend using Python since it sounds like your game is starting to get pretty complex.

have the camera track an Empty. Then add a Copy Location constraint to the empty so it will copy the location (follow) the character… Then you can animate the influence slider so you can turn on/off the tracking

Hi Solar Lune thanks for ur reply ,ill upload the file so u can download it and then suggest or even modify the file for me so i can see what uve done…
here it is the link :
gregzaal- hi man,are u proposing a new way of using the click and move feature in a game using blender logic bricks? can u upload a file showing an example,i kind of got the idea but no entirely so if u post an example things will get much clearer and yeah i know it sounds a bit of laziness but its not believe me!
Thanks guys and i ll be looking forward for any reply