How to straighten vertices

How can I straighten these vertices?

As you can see they are not in a perfect line and I want to create good topology.

The vertices are placed on top of the body with a shrinkwrap modifier. Goal is to model a shirt.

You can either enable the loops tools addon, and then W > Loops Tools> Straighten. Or, you can simple do S (scale)>X (along x axis)>0

That doesn’t do the trick for me unfortunately …

Also I don’t see a straighten in LoopTools, only a flatten

With your pivot point set to median you would hit S X 0 and then Enter which will make all the verts perfectly aligned on the x axis.

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Flatten is straighten. I just confused their names. S X 0 should have worked though.

This is what I get when I do that

Have you applied scale to your object?

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That was it! …

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