How to stretch a mesh along a curve

I’d like to make my mesh to stretch along a curve. I want it stretches when the curve’s control points move, just like how Lattice Modifier can stretch or squash a mesh.

So far I tried:

  • Curve modifier: it seems to make a mesh “move” along a curve, but not stretch.
  • Array modifier with Fit Curve option: it duplicates the mesh, not stretch it.
  • Array modifier with Fit Curve and Merge option: it duplicates the mesh and merge the duplicates into a single mesh, still not stretch it. I don’t want to change the topology.

Is it possible to stretch/squash a mesh along a curve? Similar to how other deforming modifiers (Lattice/Mesh/Surface) can stretch meshes?

Hi @raincole,

You may want to look at a bendy bones setup and a stretch to constraint.?