How to stretch the grid until horizone?

Does somebody know, how to stretch the grid (ocean-water) until horizone (texture of the WORLD-block: Input = Sphere; Map To = Hori), to have no free space between the grid (ocean-water) and
horizone (sky), during 3d-flight of the camera?

The easiest way is to add a sphere, delete the bottom half (because you don’t need it), flip the Normals Inside, scale it HUGE so that your whole scene fits inside of it and then map your horizon and sky to the inside.


I’ve also found that using Mist can help hide any ugliness that might exist at the horizon. Set the mist far distance to be the same as the farthest edge of the horizon, or closer. It also can greatly enhance the realism, since the horizon is often hazy.

wrong section, nothing to do with animation.