How to stretch the objects (Like arms)

In this screenshot I’m trying to figure out ways on how to stretch the objects (I have it selected on the cylinder) which will be the arms for a character to model

Which tool should be in order to stretch to create the arms and legs? Thank you :eyebrowlift:

for a character with an armature, try adding a ‘stretch to’ constraint to a bone ( or bones )

By any chance you have to go to the edit mode and find the tools there? Thanks :slight_smile:

Lol just extrude the end using E. It’s very simple. Also if you are modeling an arm, it would be best to use a box than a cylinder and fine tune it using loop cut tool and ofcourse more extruding. And it would be better to start the arm extruding from the torso shoulder region.

I, too, think it’s better to extrude from the body.
You will run into problems if the arm is not attached like that when you are rigging it. I learned that the hard way.

Dude, use Blender 2.58 -.-
It has a new GUI and everything…