How to super-impose a 2d object in a 3d scene or vice versa

the topic is self explanitory.

hmm, maybe a little explanation? for the non-native speakers: does super-impose mean the same as overlay?

if yes i’d say for the 1st case: place a plane in front of the camera and map an image on it. using an alpha channel will let you see through the image on the 3D scene.

the 2nd case:

use the backbuffer to place an image behind the 3D scene. also turn on background image in the viewport to see that before you render.

not sure if this is what you needed… he 1st is a cheap trick, and the second can be read online in the documentation

yeah super impose does mean over lay. How do u make an alpha layer thingy?

select the plane. add a material. add a texture to that. in the texture panel, set type to image. choose image with alpha channel (needs to be PNG or TGA). toggle “UseAlpha”. ready

pls search the forum abt additional information on saving images with transparency (from PS or GIMP)

An “alpha layer” is another way of saying ‘transparent color’. Most image eidtors will allow you to pick a color as transparent. When you map the image as a texture, you have to pick an image type that supports transparency. JPEG doesn’t. PNG or TGA do.