How to swap icons?

Hello. Is there a way to get the old icons back into blender 2.80 by modifying a file?

Or better still is there a download to do this?

I know blender 2.80 is still only beta and so the option of multiple icon styles will probably be included, but I thought I’d like to have a go at 2.80 but I have some kind of problem distinguishing between the monochrome icons. It’s probably some kind of dyslexia.

Please no pro’s and cons just how to. Thanks.

I suspect it is a matter of getting the icon list from each version and swapping in old ones onto the new list.

Looks like I have to get the source and compile with a new png file.

The link you posted is irrelevant a few years already :slight_smile:

Even 2.7x icons are generated from SVG file, than you have to run script to generate .dat files and then compile your own build of blender.

ANYWAY There is not an easy way to swap mono to 2.7x icons.

The list of current mono icons is totally different (use different grid) with a many new icons that doesn’t exist in 2.7x version.

So technically it is possible, but only manually replace each new icon with old one and more than half of them you will have to create from scratch.

Thanks for the info. I had a quick look at what was involved in compiling on windows 10, and decided I would have to load too much software to do the job.
But please if anyone has more info on how do do it, please comment for other more industrious BA members.