How to 'sweep' out a Pie Graph in 3D?

I’m looking to have a pie-chart appear on screen by ‘sweeping’ 360-degrees from nothing. You could imagine the shape rotating out in the same manner as a hand sweeps across the face of a clock.

Any thoughts on how to accomplish this with a cylinder or curve object?


You could probably do this pretty easily by animating a radial blend texture with an influence on your pie chart’s alpha. If I have some time, I’ll try to whip up a quick proof of concept.

Or you could use a filled mesh circle and add a build modifier.

I’m always surprised by the creativity of the community; I never would have thought to use a radial texture for this. I’d also never used the Build Modifier before so this was a pretty useful exercise.

I found another solution which is to apply a Curve Modifier (using a Bezier Circle as the curve) to a Cube, and scale the cube along the axis of deformation. Just be sure to apply a fair number of loop cuts to the cube mesh to give the circle a good resolution.

I implemented these three different approaches in one .blend and animated them for future reference, if anyone is interested.[ATTACH=CONFIG]141228[/ATTACH]


pie_graph_methods.blend (468 KB)

Thanks for the .blend - nice all-in-one summary! (Trying to decide if it is weird that the radial texture one remains as an unchanging solid pie when running the animation in textured 3D view mode … renders just fine).